Woodin Auction Lots at the SLICS 2022 Friday Night Auction

The Friday night banquet and live auction benefit the International Ammunition Association and is a great way to close out the St. Louis International Cartridge Show.

This year’s show is April 13 – 16, 2022 at the Renaissance St. Louis Airport Hotel in St. Louis, Missouri. More information can be found at https://cartridgeshow.com/

Live Auction lots will be available for inspection at the cartridge show on Thursday, April 14th from 11AM to 6PM and on Friday, April 15th from 9AM to 4PM.

The auction will take place on Friday, April 15th in Penthouse Ballroom directly after the Banquet around 7:15PM.

Gaps in lot numbers for consignments from others.

Downloadable and printable PDF available here: Woodin Auction Lots SLICS 2022.pdf

Lot Description
1 Clear plastic small display box with AAI 5.56mm caseless cartridge, factory sectioned. 2 x 3 inches. HWS Vol. III, page 355-356, Fig. 468. Ex-Woodin collection. $85-135
3 Swiss clear Lucite block “Oerlikon – Bührle” with sectioned PLA 224 SAPHEI-T (semi-armor piercing high explosive incendiary – tracer) 20mm projectile mounted on top. Ex-Woodin collection. $75-130
4 .50 BMG, headstamp “MF 85.” Front half of case and bullet colored red. High Pressure Test, one of only 12 produced for ODL of New Zealand. Reference: Bill Woodin note. Ex-Woodin collection. $250-350
6 20-round box; “5.56 MM BLANK, PROTOTYPE SAMPLE, etc.” Remington. Contains three 5.56mm blanks, “R A 6 5” with red PA, 7-petal rose crip mouth with white tip, knurled cannelure 0.5 inch up from base. Ex-Woodin collection. $50-65
7 .45 Automatic Pistol, Model 1906, rimless. “F A 4 06.” Copper primer. HWS Vol. I Revised, page 20, Fig. 30. Ex-Woodin collection. $85-115
9 Polte, Patronenfabrik Magdeburg display board. “Tuf – Hülsen m. verringertem Laderaaum.” Five different 13.2 x 92SR aluminum- lined cases for reduced powder load. Beautiful condition. 18.4 x 29.7cm. Ex-Woodin collection. $500-850
10 Frankford Arsenal 1mm (yes, one millimeter) Microballistic cartridge. Steel case, snapped brass primer, solid platinum bullet loaded slightly longer than specimen in figure. No headstamp. HWS Vol. III, page 383, Fig. 524. Extremely rare. Ex-Woodin collection. $750-1250
12 Frankford Arsenal rimless-grooveless High Pressure Test (barrel proof) Cal. .30 cartridge. Headstamp “F A TEST.” Brass case, copper primer. HWS Vol. I Revised, page 173, Fig. 268. Ex-Woodin collection. $175-225
13 Frankford Arsenal experimental .30-06 aluminum case, headstamp “F A 37.” Blind primer pocket. HWS Vol I Revised page 133, left column. No figure. Ex-Woodin collection. $275-375
15 Book, “Societe Francaise Des Munitions.” A hardbound catalog dated 1 May 1903, Paris, of all of the ammunition-related products produced. Full color illustrations of the individual cartridges, boxes, tins, shotshells, etc. are done with metallic ink that jumps off the page. The quality of the illustrations is simply astounding, even the artillery rounds and fuzes. Includes pinfires. Ex-Woodin collection. $350-500
16 A pair of early oil-well, drill-casing-perforating cartridges by Peters. The first has a plain steel case, copper obturating ring at the mouth, and a sharply pointed plain steel projectile. The headstamp is “PATD. DEC 8, 1931 PAT. PEND PETERS.” Presumed to be a dummy because the flat nickel primer cup has a small hole in it. The other specimen is bright nickel plated. It has no obturating ring at the mouth, and its steel projectile is copper plated. The headstamps are about the same. The nickel-plated round has a struck nickel primer. Ex-Woodin collection. $250-350
18 Model 1911/A1 .45 ACP squeezebore barrel only. If you have a .45 ACP squeezebore cartridge, you may have wondered what .45 ACP pistol they were fired in. This is an extended-length (6.2 inches; 1.1 inches longer than standard) M1911/A1 barrel in new condition. It has no markings except the “P” and “HS” (High Standard) on the link section. The first part of the bore is rifled, then the smooth bore section reduces its diameter to .38 (0.3540 inch). Extremely rare M1911A1 accessory. Ex-Woodin collection. $375-450
19 Set of three .30 Light Rifle cartridges with graphited aluminum cases. T5 47mm case, FAT1E1 49mm case, and FAT1E3 final 51mm case (“R A 50.”) HWS Vol. III, pages 151-152. Ex-Woodin collection. $65-85
21 A small green Christmas tree made of twenty-nine 5.56mm aluminum case, folded cartridges mounted by their primer pockets around a central aluminum tree trunk. This sat on a file cabinet just inside the lab door for many years. In a red plastic pot with ballast. Nine inches high. Top of red pot is about 4.5 inches wide. Ex-Woodin collection. $250-350
22 Frankford Arsenal Gerlich-type Cal. .656-.50 experimental anti-tank cartridge. Primed Cal. .50 T1 case with expanded neck but no propellant. Fiber band at rear of bullet cracked and now held in place with tape. Bullet removes easily. Headstamp” CAL 50 FA 38.” HWS Vol. I Revised, page 263, Fig. 382. Ex-Woodin collection. $500-750
24 Frankford Arsenal bench priming tool for .30-40 Krag. Marked: “FRANKFORD ARSENAL 1907 G.H.S.” Black finished. Works perfectly. Ex-Woodin collection. $225-265
25 .303/.25 experimental expanding and sealing cartridge with strange folded reduced diameter neck. No further information. Faint “3” headstamp.? Ex-Woodin collection. $50-60
27 A pair of two .30-06 unprimed empties (UPE), with “G.C.CO. 7 16” and “C.C.CO. 8 16” headstamps. HWS Vol. I Revised page 111, Fig. 145. Ex-Woodin collection. $75-95
28 A beautiful light tan hinged-box display of “Plastik-Patronen” cartridges by Gustav Genschow & Co., Aktiengesellschaft, Munitionsfabrik Karlsruhe-Durlach. Six different whole and sectioned red plastic blank cartridges. Ex-Woodin collection. $250-300
30 Aerojet factory display on wood base, “Multiple Flechette Cartridge with puller sabot and aluminum case, etc.” 25° section of cartridge. Ex-Woodin collection. $165-210
31 Cal. .30 Model 1903 Guard cartridge. “F A 8 04.” HWS Vol. I Revised, page 104, Fig. 138. Ex-Woodin collection. $55-65
33 ICI salesman sample kit in tan English pigskin. Snap closure with four folds which open to reveal seven cartridges from 9mmMK 2Z to .50 Browning Tracer. Ex-Woodin collection. $250-350
34 Cal. .221/.17 plastic/steel cartridge. Steel base, plastic body. Clear sabot, plain headstamp. HWS Vol. III, page 399, Fig. 569. Ex-Woodin collection. $55-75
36 16mm Vega Machine Cannon dummy. Steel projectile, marked “16 M/M VMC-MX-1.” Nose fuze screws off easily to reveal empty projectile. Headstamp (not significant) “CAL 50 FA 39.” Lot includes an extra projectile. HWS Vol. II, page 244, Fig. 228. Ex-Woodin collection. $250-325
37 Frankford Arsenal .45 blank cartridge for British Low Altitude (L.A.) cable cutter attached to barrage balloons. “F A 42,” brass case, heavily lacquered, copper primer. HWS Vol. II, page 21, Fig. 14B. Ex-Woodin collection. $55-75
39 A pair of 12-Gauge Taser-type shotshell cartridges with electronics. Clear plastic cases showing all internal parts, needle projectiles, circuit boards, etc. Headstamps “TASER ®” and plain. Ex-Woodin collection. $225-325
40 .44 S&W Russian Hollifield Dotter. “U.M.C. .44 S&W. R” Ex-Woodin collection. $235-275
41 Dummy XM649 flechette cartridge, “I V I 6 9” with struck primer and unusual pointed long steel projectile and aluminum sabot at case mouth. Aberdeen Proving Ground. Ex-Woodin collection. $115-165
42 Cal. .50-.30 high velocity dummy cartridge, “F A 42.” One tiny hole on shoulder. Case has not been fired. No primer, GM bullet. HWS Vol. II, page 236-237, Fig. 219. Ex-Woodin collection. $400-600
44 Cal. .50 Spotting Rifle dim-bright tracer, T177. Orange over olive drab tip on GMCS bullet. “F A 51,” nickel primer, red PA. HWS Vol. III, page 257, no figure. Ex-Woodin collection. $65-85
45 Twin Cities/Duke University experimental .30-06 frangible cartridges with short, pointed bullets. One with neck and lower bullet sectioned. Another whole with remnants of black paint on bullet tip, plus three additional experimental frangible bullets. “4 3 T W” with purple PA. .30-06 by Punnett, pages 184-186. Ex-Woodin collection. $125-150
47 Experimental 40mm/20mm experimental very high velocity cartridge. Dummy, with struck small copper percussion primer. 40mm brass case, headstamp; “40 MM MK2 TM 8 1944 GMS LOT 6,” screw-in primer. Long case (12.25”/31cm) tapered down to 20mm. Bullet rotating band marked; “*H/M A 20-MM MK13-OD 5-1*.” Projectile is purple/red with plain aluminum fuze. OAL 15.15”/38.4cm. Ex-Woodin collection. $500-750
48 National Conduit and Cable Company .30-06 unprimed empty (UPE) brass case, headstamp “N C 1 17.” HWS Vol. I (revised) page111, Fig. 146. Ex-Woodin collection. $55-65
50 Cal. .375 Unidentified Silent Device; tool cartridge. HWS Vol. III, page 556, Fig. 837. For silent underwater use, as in attaching Limpet mines to hulls of enemy ships without being detected. Unique. Specimen used for book figure. Includes thumb drive with report copy. Ex-Woodin collection. $500-750
51 Cal. .45 PDW (personal defense weapon) cartridge with segmented (6 segments) lead bullet loaded into a steel case with a “F A 51” headstamp. Frankford Arsenal Lot 8. HWS Vol. III, page 32, Fig. 42A. Includes a group of loose segments. Ex-Woodin collection. $225-275
53 Model 1862 .58 Gatling steel chamber with percussion nipple, unloaded. OAL 2.75 inches. The Gatling Gun by Wahl and Toppel, page 13. Ex-Woodin collection. $350-450
54 Model 1862 .58 Gatling steel chamber with percussion nipple, loaded, with 4-wing musket percussion cap removed for safety but included. OAL 2.75 inches. The Gatling Gun by Wahl and Toppel, page 13. Ex-Woodin collection. $450-550
56 Cal. 50 Folded. Light gray anodized aluminum case, dull brass primer, headstamp “GTG 1983” (Grand Technology Group), Andrew Grandy, Frankford Arsenal engineer developed. GM bullet. No indication that it’s a dummy, but no propellant heard when shaken? Ex-Woodin collection. $225-275
57 AAI 20 Gage Multiple Scimitar shotshell. Ribbed yellow plastic case with four-segment plastic sabot and seven scimitar blades. Headstamp; “REMINGTON 20 GA PETERS,” with brass primer in copper-plated steel battery cup. In original brown cardboard box with “20 GAGE SCIMITAR CART.” printed in black. 1973-1974. HWS Vol. III, page 486, Fig. 714. Ex-Woodin collection. $125-145
59 Frankford Arsenal experimental Cal. .60 cartridge with a dark gray graphite finish on FAT 2 aluminum case, steel core GM bullet, percussion primer. Headstamp; “F A 48.” One case hole indicating dummy, but primer looks good? HWS Vol. III page 283, 284. Ex-Woodin collection. $135-175
60 5.56 cartridge with rimless-grooveless aluminum case having a plain headstamp and M193 ball bullet. Loaded in 1970 by Frankford Arsenal for burn-through tests. No rupture groove in case. Very small stress crack in neck. Ex-Woodin collection. $75-100
62 Amron Corporation factory desk set display of three 20mm cartridges: M56A3 Projectile in M103 brass case, MK12 projectile in MK 5 steel case, and M56A3 projectile in M103B1 steel case. Wood base and two pens. Ex-Woodin collection. $275-350
63 Frankford Arsenal .30-06 unprimed empty (UPE) experimental steel case, headstamp “F A 19.” With remnants of copper wash. HWS Vol. I Revised, page 120-121 (no figure). Ex-Woodin collection. $225-275
65 Lake City Army Ammunition plant display of a 14.5mm M183 (dummy, no primer) cartridge on a wood base. Aluminum case is headstamped “L C 7 0” and the lead projectile slides out easily for inspection. Remington Arms Co. Inc. contractor. Project failed, so this is a rare display and headstamp. Ex-Woodin collection. $250-325
66 P90 developmental rimfire with non-magnetic, turned brass, “bttl” bullet. “SUPER X.” Case length 27mm. Ex-Woodin collection. $150-175
68 Polte, Patronenfabrik, Magdeburg display board. “Belgische Jnfanterie-Patr. Kal. 7,65.” 9 different 7.65mm rifle cartridges, whole and sectioned. Beautiful condition with slight cardboard warping. Mixed headstamps from early 1930s. 29.6 x 38.2cm. Ex-Woodin collection. $1,250- 1,500
69 A pair of General-Electric-made.30-06 ball cartridges, headstamped “GE 45.” One has a red PA and the other has no PA. The specimen with red PA is stained and has a cracked neck. HWS Vol. II, page 68, Fig. 58. Ex-Woodin collection. $55-85
71 Cal. .50 High Velocity ball cartridge by the Bridgeport Brass Company under Frankford Arsenal contract. Headstamp “B 43 50 HV” with staked brass primer. HWS Vol. II, pages 239-240, Fig. 222. Ex-Woodin collection. $55-70
72 Eurometaal, Zaandam-Holland, display of a Cal. .50 AP (Maybe API?) sectioned cartridge set in a clear Lucite box. Ex-Woodin collection. $125-175
74 Tin plated Model 1903 Dummy. “F A 9 05” Short case flutes. Four holes in flutes. Neck crack. HWS Vol. I Revised, page 104, Fig. 137D. Ex-Woodin collection. $65-85
75 AAI 20mm Armor Piercing round with 385-grain steel flechette projectile 6.5 inches long in a sectioned case. The round is displayed in a clear Lucite box held together with screws. USAF contract 13 July 1967. Ex-Woodin collection. $325-375
77 20mm X128 SSB-K HEI, mounted on a wood display block with identification tag. Headstamp; “186 Oeu 58 AD,” with lacquered steel case. Ex-Woodin collection. $125-150
78 Dynamit Nobel display of the 26.5x326mm Schallsignalpatrone (sound signal cartridge), whole and sectioned. 26 x 36.5cm. Ex-Woodin collection. $350-500
80 .45 Francotte, case length: 26mm OAL: 35.5mm. Ex-Woodin collection. $400-500
81 Frankford Arsenal Cal. .30-06 Volume Case, with head drilled out and brass disc inserted. Black band on case. Used to check powder-loading machine. Increased case volume would cause normal powder load to indicate low. .30-06 by Punnett, Page 224. Ex-Woodin collection. $65-85
83 30mm – 7-projectile composite (all metal) round, U. S. Navy manufacture. In competition with early revolver guns. Tested at Dahlgren 1955-56, or later. Used modified USN 4”/50 Caliber case. For ship-mounted AA gun having multiple barrels. Also tested in 5- and 3-projectile types (and 3- and 5-projectile 20mm types using modified 3”/50 caliber rimless-grooveless case). Ex-Woodin collection. $1,500-2,000
84 A pair of Olin Ordnance 25mm M919 APFSDS-T cartridges mounted on display bases. One specimen is sectioned to show flechette and sabot assembly and the other is whole. Ex-Woodin collection. Ex-Woodin collection. $275-375
86 Frankford Arsenal XM76 Silent .30-06, steel case and head with black oxide finish, brass primer, fired with pusher rod extended. 1960. HWS Vol. III, pages 123-125, Fig. 152. Ex-Woodin collection. $450-550
87 .45 MARS Long. One cannelure. Ring crimped copper primer. Ex-Woodin collection. $325-375
89 5.56mm FABRL (Frankford Arsenal/Ballistic Research Laboratory, later Frankford Arsenal Burst Rifle Launch) ball cartridge FA 263-C. “F A 7 3.” Modified AR2 bullet and FIE (flexible internal element) HWS Vol. III, page 401, Fig. 573. Ex-Woodin collection. $75-125
90 Cal. .30 Super High Velocity dummy cartridge with T3 solid brass bullet. HWS Vol. I Revised, pages 274-275, Fig. 412. “CAL 50 FA 30.” Primer pocket drilled out. Cartridge is set inside a 180° section of the gun breech it was fired in. Ex-Woodin collection. $500-750
92 A pair of early AAI SPIW (Special Purpose Individual Weapon) experimental .22 Long Rifle rimfire flechette cartridges with brass puller sabots, one sectioned and one whole (live). “SUPER X.” HWS Vol. III, page 312, Fig. 394 A and B. Ex-Woodin collection. $175-225
93 Frankford Arsenal .30-03 experimental unprimed empty aluminum case, headstamp “F A 10 06.” HWS Vol. I (revised) page 102. No figure. Extremely rare. Ex-Woodin collection. $500-750
95Mystery “7mm Nambu Dummy” with dimensions that don’t exactly match known correct rounds. In 1988 Bill Woodin was given these cartridges, said to be 7mm Japanese Dummies, one complete and one empty case and bullet. The cases and flat primers are blackened brass. There are no knurls or cannelures on either the case or bullet. The bullet has a GM jacket over a lead core. The empty case has a single flash hole in the center of the base. One opinion is that they were made in Siam. See the IAA Forum thread on the subject, with box picture and dimensions, and Buttweiler Volume VII Number 1, Lot 268. Ex-Woodin collection. $350-500
96 AAI 20mm Model 51908 “High Density Cartridge.” with a steel flechette projectile 4.1 inches long in a sectioned case. The round is displayed in a clear Lucite box held together with screws. Ex-Woodin collection. $325-375
98 Group of four Less Lethal Africa (LLA) dummies: 5.56x45mm, green rubber bullet, “Å LC 06;” 7.62×51 NATO, yellow bullet, “Å LC 12;” .45 ACP, prototype turned white nylon bullet, “FEDERAL 45 AUTO;” and .45 ACP, prototype cast rubber bullet, “FEDERAL 45 AUTO.” All four with brass cases and empty primer pockets. Ex-Woodin collection. $225-275
99 Original Frankford Arsenal 20-round box for 5.56mm Caseless Vulnerability Test cartridges. Now contains one cartridge in excellent condition, black with red primer and GM bullet. Ex-Woodin collection. $65-85
101 Frankford Arsenal experimental Ca. .60/.50 high pressure test round having a tin-plated case, “F A * 44” headstamp, staked brass primer, and purple PA. HWS Vol. III, page 239, Fig. 221. Ex-Woodin collection. $225-275
102 A group of three early T-65 7.62x47mm pre-NATO rounds. HWS Vol. III Page149-150, Fig. 176. First round, made from available stock on hand at Springfield Armory, “U.S.C.CO. 300 Sav;“ Special loaded round for T-25 rifle, on-hand stock, Springfield Armory, “REM-UMC 300 Sav;” and Resized and reloaded at Springfield Armory for experimental rifle, “REM-UMC 300 SAV.” Ex-Woodin collection. $90-125
104 Frankford Arsenal experimental .30-06 aluminum fired case, no headstamp. HWS Vol I Revised page 133, left column. No figure. Ex-Woodin collection. $275-375
105 Factory display of 20mm MK 149 Mod 1 Phalanx cartridge with cut-a-way penetrator and black sabot. Mounted on white marble. Winchester Group Olin. Ex-Woodin collection. $225-275
107 Factory display of 20mm MK 149 Mod 2 Phalanx cartridge with cut-a-way penetrator and orange sabot. Mounted on black marble. Olin Winchester Group Defense Products. Ex-Woodin collection. $225-275
108 .45 ACP time delay shot cartridge. “R—P 45 AUTO.” Nylon line loose but present. HWS Vol. III, page 33, Fig. 46. Ex-Woodin collection. $75-125
110 .30-06 ball cartridge made by the Mexican government munitions complex just outside of Mexico City for the president of El Salvador. Headstamp; “PRESIDENTE-LEMUS 7.62” with brass primer and black PA. Lemus was the president of El Salvador from 1956 until he was overthrown by a Junta in October 1960. According to Punnett(.30-06, page 109), the facilities at Mexico City were well known for special presentation headstamps, but this is the only one known in .30-06. Ex-Woodin collection. $850-1,200
111 .45 M.P. (Metropolitan Police/Mauser Pistol?). “ELEY LONDON” Uncrimped copper primer. Erlmeier-Brandt, Vol. II, page 200, #435. Ex-Woodin collection. $55-75
113 Group of five 7.62×51 NATO “Tombstone” dummy cartridges: HWS Vol. III, page 231, Fig. 316. IAA Cartridge of the Month, October 2008. Chrome plated with holes, Unplated with holes, Unplated without holes, Unplated without holes (light strike headstamp), and unplated unprimed empty with light strike headstamp. Ex-Woodin collection. $200-250
114 Frankford Arsenal 3mm “MOD .45 Cal” Microballistic cartridge, modified .45 ACP 2-piece steel case, solid copper bullet. No primer. HWS Vol. III, page 383-386, Fig. 530. Extremely rare. Ex-Woodin collection. $750-1250
116 Sandia Corporation Laboratories experimental .30-06, with flat-nosed solid copper bullet with red color. “F A 3 6” with nickel primer and no PA. One of 40 made in 1960. .30-06 by Punnett, page 227, Fig. 594. Ex-Woodin collection. $225-275
117 Full 20-round box of Cal. 224 Winchester E2 cartridges, with 53 Gr. Ball bullet. Winchester-Western Division. Cartridges are like new, bright and shiny with nice anneal shading. Headstamp: “W C C 5 8.” Brass primers and red PAs. HWS Vol. III, page 406. Label figure. Ex-Woodin collection. $150-200
119 A group of five different 9.53mm Multiple Flechette cartridges. Aluminum case, cleasr plastic sabot (from 20-round box marked “Tracer.” Headstamp: “WRA 70;” Brass case, 4-segment gray sabot, “WCC 70;” Brass case, pointed slightly yellow sabot, “WCC 70;” Brass case, clear plastic sabot, “WCC 70;” and a brass case unprimed empty, “Å WCC 69.” HWS Vol. III, page 428, Fig. 633. Ex-Woodin collection. $250-325
120 Five different .30-06 Hollifield Dotter cartridges, including one section. Headstamps not significant. Two smooth cases, one with and one without holes; two fluted, plated cases with different “bullets;” and one multiple section. HWS Vol. I Revised, page164, Fig. 248. Ex-Woodin collection. $135-155
122 AAI TRICAP 20 x 75R cartridge. Translucent mustard-tan plastic case. Flat nose lead bullet with rounded edges. Headstamp: “AAI 75 TRICAP TP LOT 2-1.” Copper-protected nickel primer. Ex-Woodin collection. $50-65
123 A pair of AAI .45 ACP Scimitar cartridges by Winchester. Both have a single scimitar razor-blade projectile in a white polyurethane sabot. One case is shiny, bright nickel-plated brass, and the other has a matte zinc-chromate-like finish. Both headstamps are “W-W 45 AUTO.” HWS Vol III, page 32, Fig. 43. Ex-Woodin collection. $225-325
125 7.62 x 51mm with Improved Composite (plastic) Case. Plain headstamp, ringed brass primer, purple PA. HWS Vol. III, pages 201-202, Fig. 253. Ex-Woodin collection. $85-125
126 .30-06 cartridge loaded by Frankford Arsenal with a Hebler tubular steel bullet. “F A 5 8,” with a brass primer and red PA. Named for Swiss inventor F. W. Hebler. .30-06 by Punnett, page 229, Fig. 601. Ex-Woodin collection. $85-125
128 Mercox/S&W dummy training round. Aluminum body with orange plastic fin section. 0.50 diameter and 4.5 inches long. $145-165
129 Tin plated Model 1903 Dummy. “F A 10 04” Short case flutes. Four holes near base. Neck crack. HWS Vol. I Revised, page 104, Fig. 137C. Ex-Woodin collection. $55-65
131 A pair of Frankford Arsenal .30-06 50-year anniversary cartridges celebrating the .30-06’s 50th birthday. One chrome-plated dummy with hole in primer and one unplated live round for match use. Headstamp “* US FA * 1906-56” with label copies for both and history article. HWS Vol. III, page 139 and 116, Fig. 136. $85-110
132 A trio of three AAI Cal. .224 cartridges for the AAI-developed CHEVRON Assault Pistol Model 8047. All three with the same “D A 6 5” headstamp. The live round has a piston primer, and the two dummies have no primers. The live round has a fluted case, but only one of the dummies does. The two fluted cases have a belt at the head, but the smooth-case dummy does not. All three have short, pointed projectiles. HWS Vol. III, page408-409, Figs. 589 and 590. Ex Woodin collection. $300-500
134 5.6mm SPIW Tround by Harrington & Richardson and David Dardick for the H&R entry in the SPIW competition, 1964. A dummy triplex round with three flechettes and a snapped nickel primer. HWS Vol. III, page 405, Fig. 582. Ex Woodin collection. $175-225
135 Cal. .30 Super High Velocity cartridge with T3 solid brass bullet. HWS Vol. I Revised, pages 274-275, Fig. 412. “CAL 50 FA 31.” Apparently without propellant. Ex-Woodin collection. $500-750
136 A trio of three Radway Green 7.62 x 51mm NATO inspection rounds (Woodin note). All three with flat-bottom blind primer pockets with no flash holes. All three have GM bullets and mouth and neck segmented crimps. One brass case with “RG 56 L3A1” headstamp; one with bright chrome-plated case and “RG 56 7.62 L3A1” headstamp; and one with a dull, matte, nickel-looking finish with “RG – 56 7.62 L3A1” headstamp. Ex-Woodin collection. $75-125
138 7.9 x 57mm multi-bullet load. Four wide flutes in lacquered steel case, which is cut-a-way to show bottom bullet. Dull, aluminum-looking flat primer. Headstamp: “fva 10 44 St+” Ex-Woodin collection. $65-85
139 .303 British mounted aluminum case draw set. 2-hole Berdan primer pockets, no headstamps. Includes bullet. Ex-Woodin collection. $65-85
140 AMCAWS 30mm TARGET PRACTICE HI 83237P00061 LOT X17 MFG 5-76.” Encapsulated, in a cylindrical aluminum case with a brass primer. Live. Ex-Woodin collection. $275-325
141 A pair of Thiokol “7.62MM CASELESS PROTOTYPE” cartridges using tan-colored molded propellant charges Padded, in vials (broken bottoms) with labels. January 19, 1972. Vol. III, page 361. Ex-Woodin collection. $250-325
143 Frankford Arsenal 20-round box of 5.56mm aluminum blanks, Lot FAP-7-72. Box now has two rounds with gold anodized aluminum cases, headstamp: “F A 7 1,” brass primer and red PA. Ex-Woodin collection. $55-75
146 Frankford Arsenal .45 ACP “M9 Blank, Loud Report” cartridge. HWS Vol. III, page 26, Fig. 34 C. Steel case, red PA, Headstamp: “F A 53.” Like new. Ex-Woodin collection. $65-85
147 Olin Ordnance, Marion, Illinois display of a 20mm PGU M940 cartridge. Mounted on a marble display base. Ex-Woodin collection. $135-165
148 Set of three Model 1903 Guard cartridges, “F A 10 05, F A 11 05, and F A 12 05.” HWS Vol. I Revised, page 105, Fig. 140C. Ex-Woodin collection. $85-105