Information on Designated Absentee Bidder

Vic Engel is the Designated Bidder for the auction, including the Woodin Lab items and others.

1.  Vic will receive requests for his services directly at He will then forward the appropriate form to those requesting his services for completion and return to him prior to the auction. The completed and signed form must be returned to Vic prior to the auction.

2.  He will bid up to the maximum limit of the absentee bidder, receive the lot won from the auctioneer, confirm the sale (hammer) price, and sign a release.

3.  He will take the lot(s) won home, pack it for shipping, determine the shipping costs, and notify the winning absentee bidder of the total amount due. He will ship lots won only when correct funds have been received.

4. Vic will provide these services ONLY to absentee U.S. citizens with continental U.S. addresses who do not attend the auction.